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Area Rugs:

  • Area rugs should be vacuumed just like wall to wall carpet.  Watch the fringes, you don’t want the vacuum cleaner to pull them out.  Handmade rugs benefit from being turned over and both sides vacuumed.
  • Rotate your rug occasionally (annually) this wll help even wear patterns and prevent uneven fading.
  • Clean a spill immediately.  Water spills should be dried with a hairdryer set on a warm temperature.  Try to dry both sides of the rug if possible.
  • Any other spills should first be blotted with paper towels to absorb as much as possible, and then apply salt or baking soda to the spot for a few minutes to absorb the rest.  Once it dries, vacuum off the salt or baking soda.
  • Take your rugs to a professional rug cleaner.  Do not try to clean it yourself.  You might make it worse.