Ceramic Tile

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Ceramic Tile:

  • Dirt adheres easily to the surface of ceramic tile, especially styles with textured surfaces. Regular sweeping loosens and removes most dirt.  A vacuum cleaner can also be used to sweep, but make sure you use one without a beater bar to avoid dulling and scratching the tiles.  Vacuum cleaner attachments are great to suck up dirt along edges or in between tiles.
  • Mild scrubbing with a soft brush may be required for textured tiles.  After cleaning with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water to remove leftover residue.  If necessary, wipe the tile dry with a clean towel to remove any film.
  • Often soil will develop in textured areas and grout lines.  This usually results in darker grout lines.  Having your tile cleaned by a professional will help to restore grout to its original color.